Our Mission

  • Vipers Volleyball Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to developing highly skilled volleyball players in the Bay Area in a cost-effective manner. We promote excellence in competitive volleyball by developing high standards of knowledge and skills development and citizenship.  We embrace educating athletes and parents about the sport of volleyball while fostering a sense of community and promoting good sportsmanship in our Club members.  

  • For the 2019 Club Season our 15's/16's team ended as #1 seed in the Gold Rush District again and #3 overall in the 16's Division out of all 126  NCVA Premier League 16's teams (details here ) and #3 in the Gold Division in all Premier League for the 15/16's division.

  • For 2018 our 16's team finished the 2018 NCVA season as #1 seed in the Gold Rush District and #2 overall in the 16's Division out of all 152 NCVA Premier League 16's teams (details here ) and #2 in the Gold Division in all Premier League for the 15/16's division.
  • In 2017 our Vipers 15's team finished the 2017 NCVA season in style: #1 again in Premier League Points out of 146 teams in the 15's/16's COMBINED division (details here ​) and finished #9 out of 75 teams in the 16's Gold Division.  
  • In 2016 Vipers' 14's team had a great inaugural 2016 NCVA season: #1 in Premier League Points out of 216 teams in the 14's division (details here ) and finished #3 in the Gold division out of 93 teams. 

***We appreciate the support of Coast Guard Base of Alameda for the opportunity to practice in their wonderful facility. 

Who We Are:

  •  We are a club formed by passionate volleyball players who believe that the best way to accelerate growth is by maximizing touches. Our goal is to accomplish that by focusing on a select roster of players striving for the highest level of volleyball skills while having fun. We also have a dedicated group of coaches who believe in providing a positive and nurturing structured environment for the players to reach their highest potential. Vipers Volleyball prioritizes process over outcome.  We believe that our athletes should improve as volleyball players AND learn life lessons along the way such as leadership, teamwork, communication, work ethics, resilience, and how to deal with adversity.

    Vipers Volleyball Club is a non-profit organization which offers volleyball competitions and coaching to girls and boys age twelve through eighteen in a financially feasible manner. The program is designed to help each player understand the game of volleyball and develop the skills to compete at a high level. We are a "Hybrid" Premier Club.  We will compete in a competitive area league but also play local tournaments outside the league so our team can experience more competition.  We will participate in only one "away" tournament, the Far Western, in April, which requires travel to Reno.  The remaining tournaments are all within the area (1-1.5 hours drive).  We also offer volleyball clinics for youth who are interested in volleyball to build excellent fundamental skills in order to grow with the game.   Our goal is to help the players progress and develop a true passion for playing volleyball, as our coaches and Vipers family do. 

    The Club offers the expertise of some of the best coaches in the area. All the coaches are devoted to making each player the best they can be. Many are top level players with high school, college, and post-college playing experience. A number of the coaches have worked with well developed and established high school programs. The Club offers each player the opportunity to learn and apply new techniques in practice and in competition, without fear of losing a starting position or ridicule from coaches or other players. We try to have fun while learning, practicing, and playing in tournaments. Our club team is limited to maximum 14 players(including possible practice only players) to ensure adequate coaching and playing time. Team will have 1 head coach and 1-3 assistant coaches. The commitment of the players is crucial to the team and the club. All players are expected to participate in each practice and competition. The 2020 Vipers volleyball club season will start in December 2019 and continue through May 2020. The club volleyball season will consist of twice to three times a week practices with tournaments and league games. Most of the tournaments are in the Bay Area.  

Our Coaches and Staff

 Head Coach David Ho 

  • Coached the recent 2019 15/16's Vipers' team to another #1 finish in the Gold Rush District and a 3rd place Gold Division finish in the Regional Championships (out of 126 teams).

  • Coached the 2018 Vipers Volleyball 16's team to a #1 finish in the Gold Rush District and a competitive 2nd place finish in the Premier League 15/16's Gold Division Regional Championships. In prior years Vipers 14's and 15's team had undefeated seasons in their NCVA Premier Eagle district and #1 in points for all NCVA Premier teams for both 2016 and 2017.  

  • Coaches the Women and Men's Volleyball programs at Alameda High School and conducts volleyball clinics for middle school and high school players.
  • Coached the San Francisco Freemasons and AIMS Women's volleyball team to two top 4 finishes.  
  • Coached traditional Chinese 9-man volleyball teams San Francisco Kong Fung (Hurricanes), and the San Francisco Freemasons 9-man volleyball teams into top 8 finishes at the annual North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournaments from 2001 to 2008.
  • Coach David Ho's love for volleyball started in High School.  While participating in the men's volleyball program at City College of San Francisco, he received the All Conference Award from the Athletic Association Coast Conference Colleges.   After college, he continued playing in men's USVBA leagues, Industrial Volleyball League and participated in the Chinese 9-man Volleyball Tournaments for over 20 years, both as a player and coach. Spoken by teammates: "The janitor never has to sweep the court that D. Ho plays volleyball on..."
  • Coach David believes: "A coach's concern for players combined with a love for volleyball produces the best results. Coaches must spend as much time training players with less ability as they do teaching players with more ability, because the team on the court is only as strong as its weakest player"
  • His Philosophy for players: “Put the team before yourself. Be a competitor. Respect yourself, your teammate, your competition and the game you play. Make hard work your dedication. Take responsibility. and handle wins and losses with class."

Director and Assistant Coach Mindi Chen

Mindi is a volleyball aficionado who has played volleyball since elementary school.  She grew up in Southern California, playing in middle school through to her high school team.  At UCLA, she played intramurals and organized many beach and grass volleyball tournaments.  After graduation she continued to play  in the Westside volleyball league and tournaments, traveling annually to Las Vegas for their fun-filled volleyball tournaments.  
Since getting married and moving to Northern California, her love affair with volleyball has continued, now further energized by her two teenage players.  It was through volunteering at their schools, and while assistant coaching with the middle and high school teams, that she discovered some young players interested in continuing competitive volleyball have found the for-profit volleyball clubs and clinics cost prohibitive and too crowded to really learn effectively. Her passion for volleyball has spurred this volunteer effort to create a non-profit club volleyball team to serve their needs.  

  • Mindi is currently an assistant coach for Alameda High School's men's and women's volleyball program and coached Lincoln Middle School volleyball team. 

Assistant Coach Matthew Shum

Matt started playing Volleyball in High School and grew to love the sport for the teamwork and expert technicalities the sport requires. He has not stopped playing nor plans to in the near future.  Recent volleyball experiences:

  • Outside/Opposite hitter for UCR Men's Club Volleyball
  •  Winner of Berkeley Co-ed Volleyball Adult League 2017 and 2018
  • West Alameda County Conference All League First Team AND League Player of the Year for 2016 and 2017
  • MVP of Alameda Men's High School Volleyball 2016 and 2017
  • Setter/Outside Hitter for Alameda High School Varsity 2015-2017

Assistant Coach Bill Kong

UC Berkeley Volleyball Club – 1987, 1988


  • Golden Bears Boys Volleyball Club – Coach
    1990 – U16
    1991 – U16
  • Golden Bears Boys Volleyball ClubDirector
    1991 (two teams, one U18 and one 16)
  • City Beach Juniors Volleyball ClubDirector
    1992 (two teams, one U18 and one 16)
    1993 (two teams, one U18 and one 16)
  • NCVC Boys 16-2 Assistant Coach

               2015-2016 (Ended 4th in NCVA)

  • Vipers Volleyball Club - Girls 15/16 Assistant Coach
    2019 (Ended 1st in Gold Rush district, 3rd in NCVA Premier Gold overall)

Assistant Coach Peter Ohno

Coach Peter Ohno has extensive experience coaching volleyball and basketball at all skill levels to both boys and girls. He is currently the Ladies JV and Mens Varsity volleyball coach at Alameda High School. His volleyball experience started after college where he played on club, corporate and recreational teams.

  • Coached the St Philip Neri boys volleyball to 4 consecutive EBPL volleyball championships
  •  Utilizes a coaching style that encourages hands-on skills as well as volleyball IQ development
  •  Believes that a coach shouldn’t just teach, but inspire as well

Team Manager Emily Shum
Emily is an active part of a volleyball family with 2 teenagers who are into volleyball as well.  Through her experiences with other young players in the middle school teams and other club teams, Emily partnered up with Mindi to start a non-profit club to further extend her volleyball family